The story takes place in Provence, France, being eulogized until today, just like many Greek myths.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, who, at the age of eighteen, had a strange disease. She found it hard to fall into sleep even on the softest bed, which would make her feel like lying on rocks. The king who loved his daughter like the apple of his eye was deeply troubled. He issued a decree: whoever can find a bed on which the princess can sleep can marry the princess as his wife.

There is a prince in the neighboring kingdom heard of it, and decided to consult a wise sage. The sage told the prince that in the south of the Aegean Sea, there is a pair of holy white swans which dropped ten feathers every day. If you can collect the feathers continuously for three years, and then make a bed with 10,000 swan feathers, it would be the bed that the princess could sleep on.

After hearing what the sage had told him, the prince decided to depart to the south of the island, and he truly saw a pair of white swans after sailing for about three hundred nautical miles. Every day he collected the feather dropping off from the white swans, day after day, year after year. Finally, he could make a soft swan bed with them.

When the prince appeared before the princess with a swan bed, the princess who had never been unable to sleep finally could fall into sweet dreams. She dreamed that she seemed to be floating on the water, and she was escorted by countless wings of swans, with millions of roses blooming around her. Under the starry sky, a holy blessing was heard.

Since then, the prince and princess came together.

Thousands of years later, although there will be not a swan bed in the world, the story of the prince and princess has been handed down. Time changes, but people’s desire for the holy blessings from the white swan and the pursuit of the perfect softness of bedding will always remain the same.