About us

Zhejiang Wanxiang Bedding Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Wanxiang Bedding Co,Ltd. was founded in 1988. Located in the beautiful down capital-Xiaoshan, Adjacent to Shanghai, close to Xiaoshan international airport, superior investment environment. The company has a wide construction area, abundant capital and complete equipment. The total plant covers a area of 60,000 square meters. There are 1000 employees. Annual production of down and bedding products 7 million sets, washing down more than 5000 tons, and always maintain a high speed increasing trend. The company has a first class washing feather production line, high quality products workshop and a new high speed quilting machine production workshop. A total of multi-needle and single-needle quilting machine nearly 40, more than 600 flat sewing machine.

The company also has its own weaving mill with the introduction of complete equipment and the latest technology from Japan and German, we have developed into a professional fabric manufacturer engaged in all kinds of textile and clothing, domestic textile and other fabric development and sales. The annual output is 16 million meters.

With good management, advance equipment and technology, plus first-class service quality, the company occupies a broad world market, exported to Europe, The United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.   

Culture and Values

As our consistent pursuit, WXB culture and values are composed of responsible, positive, professional and accumulation.

Responsible is our enterprise spirit, also the bottom line of WXB culture, it is the premise of all values. In line with the value of responsibility first, WXB has been for the industrialization of bedding industry, for customer value maximization, for the growth of efforts.

Positive mentality is the "EQ" of sustainable development, brings together a group of high-quality, high-standard, personality charm people, we maintain a positive and open mind, through continuous learning and experience accumulation, to create more value-added value for customers.

Professional spirit is to use higher standards to constantly demand their own level of business. Spirit is a pursuit, only with professional spirit will match our sustainable development. The pursuit of excellence, continuous progress, become an expert in the industry, is the goal pursued

by everyone.

Focus on accumulation is the strong guarantee of sustainable development. Only by constantly accumulating customers, talents, knowledge, experience, information, reputation and so on, and forming a perfect management and sharing mechanism, which lead us to a great success.